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  • My dad was also Ernest Piantanida and a cousin of this Ernie Piantanida. We never met him. My grandfather was Gueseppe Piantanida from Ferno Italy. He had a brother named Pete. Their mother sent my grandfather to the United States and kept Pete in Italy. This happened as World War I broke out. My great grandmother did this so that one of the boys would survive the war. It rnded ip they both did, Pete came to America and settled in Sacramento. The brothers never seen esch other. I spoke to Pete by phone on a business trip to California. He invited me over for spaghetti snd meat balls but it was too far for me to travel from my hotel. Their family sss big. I know one of their sisters also lived in California. Her married name was Casenario.
    I wish I had all the history but what I have id bits and pieces.

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