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cemeteries in Daly City, CA

Do Arrangements Made at Cemeteries Last for 100 Years?

“Do cemeteries reuse plots after 100 years?” is a question that people Google more often than you might think. There are many people who wonder whether or not the arrangements that are made at cemeteries in Daly City, CA will only last for a century. If you’re curious about this, we’ve put together an article designed to break this down for you and put your mind at ease. Continue reading to find out the truth about how long arrangements made at cemeteries will last.

Arrangements made at cemeteries do not only last for 100 years.

Despite what you might find on the internet, the arrangements that you make at a Daly City, CA cemetery won’t expire after 100 years. This is a myth that has somehow stuck around for a lot longer than it should have. A good cemetery isn’t going to put any restrictions on you when you make arrangements through it. You won’t have to worry about these arrangements expiring long after you have made them.

Arrangements made at cemeteries will last forever.

If the arrangements made at cemeteries don’t expire after 100 years, then when do they expire? The simple fact is that these arrangements will last forever. It’s why you shouldn’t be concerned about what might happen to a loved one’s burial plot a century from now. It’s also why you shouldn’t be scared to plan burial services for a loved one in the first place. Once you bury them, they will be buried for good and will remain in their specified burial plot for the long haul.

Cemeteries don’t reuse burial plots at any point.

“How long before a burial plot can be reused?” is another thing that people tend to Google a lot these days. They wonder how long their loved ones will have the exclusive rights to a burial plot. You’ll be happy to hear that good cemeteries aren’t ever going to reuse their burial plots. They’ll leave a burial plot alone once a person has been buried in it and won’t even entertain the thought of using that same plot for a second time.

cemeteries in Daly City, CA

Once cemeteries fill up, no more burials will take place in them.

Cemeteries only have so much space that they can use for burials. And once that space is gone, they won’t be able to hold any more burial services. But with that being said, many cemeteries have figured out ways to add space over time. Some of them have purchased surrounding land to expand while others have built structures that are designed to allow families to “bury” their loved ones above ground.

When you bury a loved one in our Daly City, CA memorial park cemetery, the arrangements that you make with us won’t expire at any point. This should provide you and your family with some much-needed peace of mind. Call us today to learn more about what our cemetery has to offer so that you can decide if we would be your family’s best option at this point.

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