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Interment Services

What we offer

The Italian Cemetery offers a wide range of interment services, including:

  • Traditional earth interment.
  • Entombments in both Indoor Mausoleums and Outdoor Garden Mausoleums
  • Inurnment in both indoor and outdoor cremation niches.
  • A Children’s Burial Section
  • Three Chapels for Committal Services
  • Monuments and Inscriptions

We have a sensitive, experienced, and non-commissioned staff ready to help you create the arrangement that is right for you.


There are different components that contribute to the overall cost, such as:

  • Interment Rights – The cost for the right to be interred in a specific cremation niche, mausoleum crypt, or traditional earth interment site.
  • Endowment Care –The state-mandated amount placed into trust to maintain the cemetery in the future.
  • Interment, entombment, or inurnment – The cost for the placement in the final resting place.
  • Recording Fee – The cost for administrative processing and filing of local and state paperwork.
  • Protective vault – The outer burial container that helps protect the casket from the entrance of outside elements.
  • Memorialization – The manufacture of nameplates, memorial portraits, inscriptions, etc.

The Italian Cemetery also offers financial payment plans to suit all reasonable circumstances. Any pre-need arrangements may be had on liberal terms without interest or finance charges.

To request specific costs for the type of arrangement you desire, please call 650-755-1511 or visit our Contact Us page.

MAUSOLEUM CRYPTS – starting at $12,545.09

Both indoor and outdoor crypts offer families the security of knowing their loved ones are in a crypt adorned by marble. Our crypts offer traditional nameplates with photos or inscriptions inscribed on the marble itself. Indoor crypts are inside of two elegant mausoleums that offer the visitors shelter when the weather is not cooperating.

TRADITIONAL EARTH INTERMENT – starting at $13,588.94

One of the most common and traditional methods of interment is ground burial. A ground burial offers loved ones a place to come back to and remember and pay respects. Ground burials are affordable and also allow the family to design a personalized monument for their loved one.

CREMATION NICHES – starting at $6,319.78

Niches are quickly becoming the most sought-after cemetery property.  The options for niches ranges from indoor glass to outdoor ground inurnment.  The niches offer families an affordable location to place loved ones cremated remains.  The glass niches allow families to add some personal touches. They can decorate the niche with something that reminds them of their loved ones.  Outdoor granite niches are more uniform in appearance but offer the same elegance as their indoor counterparts.  The outdoor in ground burial option is for someone looking for a traditional in ground burial of cremated remains.  Once again, another great and affordable option.  


These elegant structures are the pinnacle of cemetery property. A private family chapel is built for families that wish to have a private final resting place to ensure that multiple generations can be laid to rest together. The chapels can have both full crypts for caskets and niches for cremated remains.

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