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How Much Does It Cost to Bury a Person in a Cemetery?

Is your family planning on burying a loved one in one of the cemeteries in San Mateo, CA sometime soon? If you are, you might be wondering what it’s going to cost you to do it. The answer is…it all depends. The cost to bury a loved one in a cemetery is going to change based on a variety of different factors. We’re going to run through some of these factors today so that you know what will have an impact on the price that you’ll pay to bury your loved one. Find out about them below. 

The cemetery you choose 

Each individual San Mateo, CA cemetery is going to take a slightly different approach to charging families for burying their loved ones. It’s why you shouldn’t pick out the first cemetery you can find and use them to bury a loved one. You might end up spending more than you should have to on burial services when you do this. It would be well worth shopping around for the most affordable cemetery that you can find since it could result in big savings for your family. 

The type of burial you pick out 

There are a whole bunch of ways in which you can bury a loved one in a cemetery. You can obviously hold a traditional ground burial for your loved one if you would like. But you can also stage an above-ground burial and have your loved one “buried” in a mausoleum if that sounds like a better option to you. These burial options are both going to come with different price tags on them, though. It’s why you should carefully consider all your available burial options and pick the one that’s going to fit into your budget. 

The casket you use 

No matter how you decide to bury a loved one, you will need to place their body into a casket before you can do it. And this casket is going to affect how much it will ultimately cost you to bury your loved one. If you go with a very simple wooden casket, it might not cost too much so it’ll keep your total burial costs down. But if you go with a metal or fiberglass casket, it could be a different story. Whatever the case, you’ll need to factor your loved one’s casket into the equation when you’re trying to calculate what it’ll cost to bury a loved one. 

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The ceremony you hold 

Some families will bury their loved ones in cemeteries without too much pomp and circumstance. But others will choose to hold special burial ceremonies for their loved ones. If your family would like to do this, you’re more than welcome to have a ceremony for your loved one. You just need to be aware that it could change the price that you’ll be asked to pay to bury your loved one. Keep it in the back of your mind while you’re moving through the burial planning process. 

Want to make sure you don’t have to spend too much money while burying a loved one in a San Mateo, CA memorial park cemetery? Our cemetery can help you stick to a budget when you bury a loved one through us. Call us now to get more information on how much our burial services will cost your family. 

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