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Is The Italian Cemetery Only for Italian Families?

When The Italian Cemetery was first founded all the way back in 1899, it was set up by La Società Italiana di Mutua Beneficenza, which is one of the oldest Italian-American organizations in the entire country. As a result, many people are under the impression that this cemetery is only for Italian people. Some of them will even utilize the services at other cemeteries in San Bruno, CA because they don’t think they’re welcome at The Italian Cemetery due to their heritage. But is this really the case? Find out by reading below.

There are many Italian people buried in The Italian Cemetery.

When The Italian Cemetery was initially getting off the ground, it typically served those in the Italian community that surrounded it. Because of this, you’re going to find that a large number of Italian people are buried in the cemetery. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise when you consider both its name and its original intentions. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll only find Italian people buried in The Italian Cemetery, either.

But The Italian Cemetery is open to everyone.

Although The Italian Cemetery attracted a lot of Italian-Americans back in the late 1800s and early 1900s, people of all faiths and nationalities have been turning to the cemetery for assistance since pretty much the beginning. No matter what race you are or which religion you practice, you will be welcomed with open arms at The Italian Cemetery. Even if you don’t have an Italian background at all, you can get access to the cemetery and its many services.

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You can take advantage of the many services at The Italian Cemetery regardless of your race or religion.

Outside of the fact that The Italian Cemetery caters to those of all races and religions, it also has a large number of services available for those who are in need of a great San Bruno, CA memorial park cemetery. The Italian Cemetery can help those who want to plan traditional ground burials, entombments in mausoleums, inurnments in cremation niches, and more. Additionally, there are three chapels at The Italian Cemetery that families can rent out for committal services and other types of funeral services.

Everyone should consider The Italian Cemetery as an option.

In the past, some people have written off The Italian Cemetery as a viable option after mistakenly believing that only Italian people could be buried in the cemetery. But as you’ve learned here, you don’t have to be Italian or have any Italian connections to bury a loved one in the cemetery or to store their cremated remains there. The Italian Cemetery is as inclusive as it gets, which is why you and your family should consider using it for a loved one’s burial services.

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