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Top Services Cemeteries Should Extend to Families

When you and your family are considering which of the cemeteries in San Mateo, CA you should work with, it would be a good idea for you to take a look at what services each of them has to offer. Not all cemeteries are going to be able to extend the same services to you. Ideally, you want to work with a cemetery that can provide you with the most services possible. Check out some of the top services that cemeteries should be able to extend to families below.

Traditional ground burials

If nothing else, the San Mateo, CA memorial park cemetery that you and your family choose should be able to provide you with traditional ground burial services. They should have more than enough graves to go around for all those who wish to bury their loved ones in a cemetery. They should also be capable of providing you with grave monuments to place on top of a loved one’s gravesite if you so choose.

Entombments in mausoleums

In addition to assisting families with traditional ground burials, cemeteries should also be able to help them play entombments for their loved ones. Better yet, they should have a combination of both indoor mausoleums that they can utilize for entombments and outdoor garden mausoleums. There are lots of families that would prefer to entomb their loved ones these days as opposed to burying them. If your family falls into this category, you’ll want a cemetery in your corner that can help you do it.

cemeteries San Mateo, CA

Inurnments in cremation niches

For a long time, most cemeteries only offered burial services to families and nothing else. But with the cremation rate going up a whole lot lately, most cemeteries have now started to help families figure out what to do with their loved one’s cremated remains. More specifically, they’ve started to offer inurnments in cremation niches for these remains. And the very best cemeteries have taken things to the next level by offering indoor and outdoor cremation niches that families can use. If you’re searching for the perfect place to put a loved one’s remains, look no further than a niche at your local cemetery.

Chapel rentals

Some families will hold funeral services for their loved ones at funeral homes or in churches prior to bringing their remains to a cemetery. But at the same time, some families have also begun to stage these services right inside cemeteries. It’s why the best cemeteries will have chapel rentals available for any families that wish to take advantage of them. Families can rent out chapel spaces at these cemeteries so that they can hold committal services for their loved ones in them.

When you visit our San Mateo, CA cemetery, you’ll find that we can offer you all of these services. We also have a whole bunch of other burial and cremation services that we can extend to you if you’re interested in them. Reach out to us now to see how our cemetery can assist you and your family.

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