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What Are the Cremation Niches in Cemeteries?

For a long time, most of the cemeteries in South San Francisco, CA only had burial plots in them. Cemeteries weren’t always all that concerned about catering to those families who were cremating their loved ones. But over the last 20 years or so, the cremation rate in this country has gone up and up and up some more. As a result, many cemeteries now have what are called cremation niches in them. So, what are cremation niches? Well, that’s what we’re going to touch on today. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about cremation niches.

What are cremation niches?

Cremation niches are essentially spaces in cemeteries that are designed to hold a person’s urn that contains their cremated remains. There are some cremation niches that are housed inside structures called columbaria. There are also cremation niches that sit outside in structural walls. But whatever the case, these niches are built specifically to protect people’s cremated remains in a South San Francisco, CA cemetery.

How can cremation niches be used?

Families do all kinds of things with their loved one’s cremated remains following their cremations. Some of them bring their loved ones remains home, while others scatter their loved one’s remains in special places. But certain families have come around to the idea of storing a loved one’s remains in a cremation niche. It’s a fantastic way to provide cremated remains with all the protection that they need. Cremation niches also give families a place to gather so that they can visit their loved ones and pay tribute to them.

Do all cemeteries have cremation niches?cemeteries South San Francisco, CA

Because cremation has become so popular in this country, you might be under the impression that every single cemetery throughout the U.S. must have cremation niches at this point. But there are still some that haven’t gotten around to putting them into place. It’s why you should make sure that you ask a cemetery if they have cremation niches before automatically assuming that they do. It’ll help you avoid falling in love with the idea of putting a loved one’s remains in a cremation niche at a cemetery before discovering that they don’t have these niches available.

How much do cremation niches cost?

The price tags that you’ll find on cremation niches will vary from one cemetery to the next. They’ll also vary depending on where exactly they’re located in a cemetery. But you should be able to find affordably priced cremation niches in cemeteries as long as you’re willing to put in some work while trying to track one down. You should be able to locate a cremation niche that will fit into your family’s budget.

You will find cremation niches in our South San Francisco, CA memorial park cemetery. You will also find a wide range of other options for those interested in burying a loved one or storing their cremated remains. Reach out to us right now for more information on our burial and cremation services.

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