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What to Remember When Bringing Kids to Cemeteries

Parents are always more than welcome to bring their kids along with them when they’re visiting cemeteries in San Francisco, CA. It’s good for kids to go with their parents to cemeteries so that they can pay their respects to their family members. But before you decide to bring your kids with you to a cemetery, you should make sure you’re ready for it. Here are several things you should remember when bringing kids to cemeteries.

You need to tell your kids what to expect while at a cemetery. 

If your kids haven’t ever visited a San Francisco, CA memorial park cemetery, they’re obviously not going to know what to expect once they arrive at one. So you should give them some indication as to what it’s going to be like. It’ll ensure that they know what they’re going to be walking into when they set foot in a cemetery for the first time. If you don’t prepare your kids at all, they might naturally be a little bit scared about going to a cemetery to visit a loved one’s gravesite.

You must talk to your kids about staying quiet at a cemetery. 

Parents typically allow their kids to talk as loud as they want outside. They permit their kids to use their “outdoor voices” as opposed to their “indoor” ones. This can create some confusion when kids visit a cemetery since they’re going to be expected to remain quiet there. It’ll be your job to tell your kids that it’s going to be very important for them to remain quiet at a cemetery. You should emphasize the fact that staying quiet is a sign of respect to your kids.

You should let your kids know that they can’t run around in a cemetery. cemeteries San Francisco, CA

Outside of telling your kids that they need to remain quiet in a cemetery, you should also talk to them about how they’re not going to be able to run around and play in one. Even though they’re going to be outside where it’s usually OK for them to play, you should speak with them about how their playing could affect others who are trying to visit loved ones at a cemetery. It’ll increase the chances of your kids being on their best behavior at a cemetery.

You will need to advise your kids on what to do at a loved one’s gravesite in a cemetery. 

Since your kids aren’t going to be able to talk or run around in a cemetery, they might not know what they’re supposed to do in one. You should talk to them about how you’re going to be at a cemetery to visit a loved one’s gravesite and to say some prayers for a loved one. You might even want to go as far as to tell your kids how you prefer to pray at a cemetery. It’ll set a solid example for them and show them what they should be doing when they’re in a cemetery.

Kids are always welcome to visit our San Francisco, CA cemetery. We just ask that parents remember the things mentioned here. Contact us today to learn more about our cemetery and to find out what sets it apart from other cemeteries. 

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