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Find Cemeteries in San Bruno, CA, that Serve Families from All Backgrounds

City The Italian Cemetery San Bruno (BA)Our rich history dates back to 1899 when we used to be part of an organization that served Italian immigrants in the San Francisco area. Our cemetery grounds offered solace to many people in a time of need. As the Bay Area has diversified and grown into a beautiful place to live and raise your family, The Italian Cemetery serves families of all faiths and backgrounds.

We are so proud to welcome all community members who are looking to lay their loved ones to rest. No matter the traditions and customs you would like us to implement during the burial process, we will listen to your requests and honor them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cemeteries in San Bruno, CA

As many of us are not well-versed in burials and experiencing death in the family, finding a trusted cemetery with no hidden fees is important. Many questions come up during the planning process, as you are expected to make arrangements in such a short amount of time. Learn about the options now so that you can be ready if a need comes up:

  • Why is it essential to make pre-arrangements for graves and burial plots? You will find that many cemeteries in San Bruno, CA, are ready to accommodate reservations for graves before death occurs. This is because once a family member dies, you want to reserve a plot that will include other family members. Or, at least, the spouse so that they can be buried together.
  • What is a crypt, and what are the benefits that come with it? A crypt is an enclosed building that holds your buried loved one. You can walk into the crypt to visit the burial site and stay protected from the outside elements. Also, the crypt keeps the burial plot protected as well throughout years of wind and storms.
  • If we choose cremation, is there a spot to keep the ashes within the cemetery? Yes, choose a burial niche for the ashes and urn after the cremation is performed. Keep the niche on display at the cemetery so that friends from near and far can visit the urn and find peace in each visit.
  • What if I want to bury my family all together inside of a structure? A family vault is a great way that you can choose a family burial all together in one place. You can walk into a vault and see your loved ones all together in a building called a vault. This beautiful option is perfect for those wanting a special burial that is private for their family and friends. 
  • Can we hold funeral services at the cemetery? Chapel rentals are available for those who would like to hold a funeral service on-site at the cemetery. Gather together before burial to share in musical numbers, the reading of the eulogy, and a life sketch before you go on with burial services.
  • Is there a chapel on-site to visit during our cemetery visit? Take advantage of our family chapels to get in touch with your spiritual side during a visit to the cemetery grounds. You can visit the chapel to access the peace that you seek from feeling close to God.
  • What kind of permanent memorialization options are available? Grave monuments are available at the cemetery. You may choose a large monument on display for all to see. A monolith or a statue comes to mind. Or, if you want to keep it simple, you can choose a small monument that is to be admired by those close to the deceased.

As you read through these questions, you can understand how complex cemetery needs can get. In order to make final arrangements for your loved one that will last for generations to come, you should be educated on the available options.


Advanced Arrangements for Cemetery Needs

You can always make these cemetery decisions before a death occurs. After someone passes away, you will be rushed into making several permanent decisions. Most people suffer after the loss of a loved one. It is challenging to make sound decisions under such duress. Instead, set yourself up for success by making advanced arrangements.

You can make plans for your own cemetery needs or ask for the input of the person you’re planning for. Do not leave your family to guess what you would have wanted. Instead, make plans today.


Call a Trusted Cemetery Service

It’s a big decision to decide on which cemeteries in San Bruno, CA, are right for your family’s needs. Talk to a team member to answer all your questions at The Italian Cemetery. Then, you can walk the grounds at 540 F St., Colma, CA 94014, and see if it’s a place you can picture your family burial. Give us a call with any questions or concerns at (650) 755-1511.



Cemetery FAQs

What is an advanced arrangement for cemetery plots, and how do I make one?

An advanced arrangement is the process of selecting and purchasing a cemetery plot before the need arises, offering peace of mind and financial benefits. To make one, contact the cemetery office to discuss options and finalize the details of your plan.


Can I request a dedicated staff member to assist with an ongoing genealogy search?

While some cemeteries might be able to assign a staff member to help with an ongoing genealogy search, this service may depend on staff availability and cemetery policy. It’s best to inquire directly with the cemetery to discuss your research needs and their ability to support you.


What should I do if I need to update the engraving on a headstone?

If you require an update to a headstone engraving, get in touch with the cemetery administration, as they usually have procedures in place for such modifications. They will guide you through the process and may recommend trusted contractors who can carry out the work.

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