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All About Cemeteries in San Francisco, CA

City The Italian Cemetery San Francisco (BA)

The Italian Cemetery offers the final resting place for the residents of San Franciso, CA and its surrounding areas. We save been serving all faiths and nationalities since 1899. Through our pre-need plan, you can finance the cost of the memorial property over an extended period. We offer payment plans to suit all reasonable circumstances. Our experienced staff will work with you to plan out your final arrangements. A counselor is available to discuss your pre-need plans either at the cemetery or in the comfort and privacy of your home. Through the years, our cemetery has developed into an integral part of the vibrant and ethnically diverse Bay Area community. Give us a call today at (650) 755-1511.


Feedback From Our Families


The Italian Cemetery dates back to 1899, with a rich history that centers around serving Italian immigrants in the San Francisco area. We were part of a society that served those in need during a challenging time. As the area has evolved, welcoming people from all walks of life to settle and raise their families, we have also expanded our cemetery services in San Francisco, CA, to all families. The Bay Area is an incredible place to live, and we take pride in all the diverse members of our community.

You may need cemetery services because you have just found out about a death in your family. Unfortunately, no one is familiar with making plans for laying your loved one to rest. That’s why it’s important to call on a trusted cemetery to guide you through the options.


Available Options at Cemeteries in San Francisco, CA

There are so many ways that you can lay your loved one to rest. You may not be familiar with cemetery vocabulary, so we are going to go through some definitions and how they might benefit you. Feel free to contact the cemetery with any questions along the way. This permanent decision cannot be undone easily, so make sure you are well-versed in all cemetery options before diving in.

  • Graves: Choose a grave that is right for your family. What are your priorities? How many would you like to be buried altogether? You can make these decisions early so that you don’t have to process them during your mourning period.
  • Crypts: Choose an indoor area where you can lay your loved one to rest. Step inside the crypt during stormy days so that you can escape into finding peace with your buried loved one.
  • Niches: You can keep the ashes in an urn at the cemetery when you choose cremation. The small crypt is called a niche for cremated remains. Instead of keeping the ashes with one member of the family, share the urn with all who would like to come and visit.
  • Family Vaults: Many family members like to reserve vaults for all their family members to be buried together inside a structure. Walk into the vault to see that your loved ones are laid to rest side by side. You only must visit one place to reach all your loved one’s graves and pay your respects.
  • Family Chapels: Not all cemeteries in San Francisco, CA, have a chapel on-site. Please take advantage of our family chapels. When you come to the cemetery grounds to visit your loved one, you can stop by the chapel to pray or give thanks. In addition, the chapel is provided for those wanting to connect with God during their cemetery visit.
  • Chapel Rentals: If you would like to hold your funeral service at the cemetery before burial, you can rent the chapel for the service. Meet to listen to special musical numbers, hear the eulogy, and learn about the person’s life accomplishments at a funeral service in a rented chapel.
  • Grave Monuments: Our cemetery offers bronze and marble monuments for you to memorialize your loved one. You may choose a prominent monument that can be spotted from across the cemetery. Or an understated monument may be more of your style with design details that reflect your loved one’s personality.
  • Advanced Arrangements: Instead of waiting for a death to occur to make plans for cemetery needs, make advanced arrangements. You can plan for burial for yourself or a loved one who is nearing death. Get their input on what kind of burial experience they envision for themselves. You will never regret introducing a sensitive subject if it means you don’t have to guess what they would have wanted later.


Advanced arrangements can be made over the phone and revisited throughout the years as circumstances change. So do not hesitate to make the decisions now while you are not muddled up with grief and suffering.

Throw out any preconceived notion of what you think a burial site should look like at a cemetery. Instead, consider how important it is to honor your loved one in a way that is unique to them. Make the burial special so that your family can visit the cemetery for generations to come and remember how important this person was to their heritage.


Give Our Cemetery a Call to Start Planning

Before you visit all the cemeteries in San Francisco, CA, start with The Italian Cemetery at 540 F St., Colma, CA 94014. We are ready to work with you and make your arrangements during this sensitive time. Give us a call to get started at (650) 755-1511. Our caring team is on standby, ready to take your call and listen to your specific needs.



Cemetery FAQs

Can I pre-purchase a cemetery plot?

Yes, you can usually pre-purchase a cemetery plot. This may be something to consider if you want to ensure that you have a plot available when you need it or if you want to lock in today’s prices for a future need. Learn more about pre-need arrangements.


How much does a cemetery plot cost?

The average cost of a cemetery plot is between $1,000 and $3,000. However, the price can vary depending on the location of the cemetery, the size of the plot, and other factors. Learn more about cemetery pricing.


What is the difference between a headstone and a gravestone?

A headstone is a type of marker that is placed at the head of a grave. A gravestone is a type of marker that is placed at the foot of a grave. Learn more about other cemetery common questions.

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