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Qualified Cemeteries in San Mateo, CA

City The Italian Cemetery San Mateo (BA)

We offer traditional earth interment, mausoleum entombment, and inurnment of cremation niches in San Mateo, CA and nearby areas. The Italian Cemetery was founded in 1899 by La Società Italiana di Mutua Beneficenza, which is the oldest, continuously existing, Italian-American organization in the United States. We assist you in making pre-need arrangements and ensure that you will make decisions without the emotional stress of a recent loss. Through our pre-need plan, you can finance the cost of the memorial property over an extended period. Our mausoleum buildings have been acclaimed in various publications, as well as in the media, for their architectural uniqueness and design. We welcome you to visit our cemetery or give us a call at (650) 755-1511 for more information.


Feedback From Our Families


We have been one of the qualified cemeteries in San Mateo, CA, for over a century, dating back to 1899. The Italian Cemetery gets its name from serving Italian immigrants in San Francisco back in the early 1900s. As the Bay Area has evolved into a beautiful spot to raise families from all walks of life, we now serve families from all faiths and backgrounds. We delight in the diversity of our community and everything it has to offer.

The few days after the death of a loved one can be harrowing, and here you are, having to make vital decisions that are to be set in stone for hundreds of years to come. Let our planning team guide you through the decisions so that you know all the available options. Then, you won’t miss anything once you make your final decision.

Your Guide to Cemeteries in San Mateo, CA

 It doesn’t matter how experienced you are in life – no one is experienced in laying a loved one to rest. You may carry the burden of making end-of-life arrangements once or twice in a lifetime. On the flipside, all our planning team does is make arrangements for burials at our . We have the knowledge you need to make the planning process as smooth as possible.

Take a look at some of the options:

  • Graves: Choosing a grave for a loved one who has passed away is a weighted decision. It takes some time to decide the location you prefer, whether close to a big tree or near other family members. Maybe you want to choose a burial plot that is easy to find. This decision is hard to make on a few days’ notice, which is why we recommend reserving your graves in advance.
  • Crypts: Crypts are indoor burial locations for individuals. You can choose a crypt for your loved ones to know that their burial place will always be protected from the outside elements. Also, when you visit the crypt, you can stand indoors without having to wait for mild weather.
  • Niches: When you choose cremation, the ashes can be kept at the cemetery in niches. Instead of choosing one person to hold the ashes in their home, keep them in the cemetery. Family and friends can visit the niche to leave flowers or for comfort. This availability means a lot to many family members.
  • Family Vaults: Bury all of your loved ones together in one place in a family vault. You can have an inside building that you walk into to visit the graves of your whole family. Reserve the spots now to ensure that you all get a chance to stay together.
  • Family Chapels: When you visit cemeteries in San Mateo, CA, you may expect to stop by a chapel to make a spiritual connection. Our family chapels are available to provide a place for you to pray and worship while attending our cemetery grounds.
  • Chapel Rentals: Hold the funeral services at the cemetery with chapel rentals. You can meet in the chapel to listen to musical numbers, the reading of the eulogy, and traditions associated with your funeral service. Then move the casket over to the burial site for easy transportation.
  • Grave Monuments: Grave monuments come in a number of varieties, including oversized, small, bronze, granite, or stone. You can make a statement about your loved one’s monument by creating a giant monolith or statue that can be seen from across the cemetery. Or you can keep it simple with a small sculpture by the gravesite.
  • Advanced Arrangements: All cemetery needs can be arranged before the death occurs. It is helpful to make pre-arrangements for your loved one so that you are not met with dozens of decisions when you are processing the death of your close loved one. Take advantage of your clear mind and plan for burial or cremation in the same way that you would prepare a will. Your family will be so grateful for your thoughtfulness.


As you learn about the possible options for cemetery services, you can make arrangements for the whole family. Then, when an unexpected death occurs, you will find solace in knowing plans have already been made for burial or cremation. This small step now will save you loads of stress in the future.


Make Plans with a Trusted Cemetery

You have the pick of all the cemeteries in San Mateo, CA. Go with a company you can trust when you choose The Italian Cemetery. Our history and attentiveness to each family prove that we can provide top-notch services to all who choose our cemetery. Tour our grounds at 540 F St., Colma, CA 94014. We are happy to answer any questions before we get started. Give us a call at (650) 755-1511.


Cemetery FAQs

Can I bury my pet in a cemetery?

Yes, you can bury your pet in a cemetery. In fact, many cemeteries have designated areas for pet burials. Learn more about cemeteries FAQs.


What happens if I move away from the area after I’ve pre-planned?

If you move away from the area after pre-planning, your arrangements will still be valid. Most cemeteries allow you to transfer your arrangements to another cemetery in the network.


What kind of services does a cemetery offer?

Most cemeteries offer a variety of services, including burial and cremation. They may also have on-site chapel facilities for funeral services, as well as landscaping, grave markers, and other amenities. Learn more about cemetery services.

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