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Terms Used at Cemeteries You Need to Know

If you’ve planned your fair share of funerals in the past, you might be very familiar with the terms that routinely get tossed around at cemeteries in San Francisco, CA. But if you’re not all that experienced when it comes to planning funerals, you might be totally lost when you start to plan a burial at a cemetery. We’re going to break down the meanings of a few of the most common terms that get used as cemeteries so that they don’t blindside you and leave you scratching your head and wondering what they mean. Check them out below.


Interment rights

When you bury a loved one in a San Francisco, CA memorial park cemetery, you’re going to need to pay for more than just a casket and a headstone. You’re also going to have to shell out money for the right to place your loved one in a burial plot, a mausoleum, or even a cremation niche. Interment rights are the rights that you’ll be able to claim after paying a fee for them. This is going to be one of the things you’ll be charged for when you’re planning a loved one’s burial services.


Endowment care

In addition to paying for the interment rights for a loved one’s burial, you’re also going to face what is called an endowment fee. This endowment fee will be placed into a trust held by a cemetery, and it’ll be used to cover the cost of endowment care. Endowment care is the state-mandated maintenance that a cemetery must do to a cemetery in the future. Cemeteries will set up funds that are designed to grow over time so that there will always be money available for maintenance.


Recording fee

As you might imagine, there is a whole lot of local and state paperwork that is going to need to be filled out when you bury a loved one in a cemetery. You’re going to be asked to fill out some of it, but the cemetery that is in charge of burying your loved one will handle the bulk of it. You will, however, need to pay what’s known as a recording fee to have them take care of this paperwork for you. This fee will be directly tied to all the administrative processing and filing that will occur when this paperwork is filled out and submitted to the proper places.



After you bury a loved one in a cemetery or have their body or remains put in a mausoleum or cremation niche, you’re likely going to want to memorialize them in some way. Memorialization refers to creating a headstone for a loved one or coming up with a nameplate for them. You should celebrate your loved one’s life by finding the way right to memorialize it. You and your family will be able to choose whichever option you would like as you memorialize your loved one. A cemetery can speak with you about some of the best options you’ll have.


When you bury a loved one in our San Francisco, CA cemetery, we’ll make sure that you don’t get confused by any of the terms that get thrown around. We’ll also work to make the burial process as simple and straightforward as we can for you. Give us a call to get things underway.

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