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Things You Can Place in a Casket Before Burying It

If you would like to bury a loved one in their casket in one of the cemeteries in San Bruno, CA without putting anything into it first, you can do it. But many families like to take advantage of the fact that they’re allowed to place different items inside a loved one’s casket prior to it being buried. We’re going to take you through some of the items that you can put into a loved one’s casket if you’d like to do it below. Check them out now.


Did you know that writing a letter to a loved one who has died can be a very cathartic experience? You can get whatever you would like to say to a loved one off your chest and feel a little bit better about burying them in a San Bruno, CA memorial park cemetery. You and your fellow family members might want to all write letters to your loved one and stick them into their casket. It’ll be a great way to say goodbye to your loved one in the end.


You and your family members might not want to give up a bunch of original family photographs. Future generations of your family are going to cherish these photos for many years to come. You can, however, make copies of some family photos and stick them into a loved one’s casket. It’s a fantastic way to surround your loved one with family while burying them in the ground. You can include as many photos in your loved one’s casket as you would like. You can also opt to frame some of the extra special photos that you include.

Rosary beads

When you see a person in a casket at a viewing, you’ll often see them with rosary beads in their hands. Most of the time, these rosary beads will stay put when a person is buried. You and your family are welcome to bury a loved one with rosary beads in their hands. You can also put other pieces of jewelry on your loved one and/or surround them with special pieces from their jewelry collection.

cemeteries in San Bruno, CA

Stuffed animals

If you have any children in your family who would like to say goodbye to a loved one in their own special way, it might be worth encouraging them to stick stuffed animals into a loved one’s casket. This is a good way for you to involve kids in the funeral services for a loved one while also making it fun for them. You can have them pick out stuffed animals that will protect your loved one once they’ve been buried in a cemetery. It’ll help them make one final memory with your loved one prior to their burial.

Would you like to hear more about the items you can place in a loved one’s casket before they’re buried? Our San Bruno, CA cemetery can break it all down for you. Contact us now to hear more about the burial services we can provide.

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