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What Are the Cremation Niches in Cemeteries?

The cremation rate has gone up quite a bit in this country over the course of the last 25 years. As a result, cemeteries in South San Francisco, CA aren’t only catering to those families who want to bury their loved ones anymore. They’re also lending a helping hand to those families who have decided that they would like to cremate their loved ones. More specifically, they’re providing these families with what is called cremation niches. So, what are the cremation niches that are found in cemeteries? Find out below.

What are cremation niches?

Cremation niches are often found inside structures called columbaria in cemeteries. They’re designed to hold a person’s cremation urn that contains their cremated remains. In some cases, cremation niches are housed in covered buildings that families can go in to visit their loved one’s remains. In others, they’re located in walls that are exposed to the elements. But either way, cremation niches are built to provide cremated remains with the protection that they need once they’re placed inside them.

Why are cremation niches used?

There are many reasons why you and your family might want to put a loved one’s remains into a cremation niche at a South San Francisco, CA cemetery. First and foremost, a cremation niche is going to set your loved one’s remains up with all the protection that they need. A cremation niche is also going to provide you and your family with a place to come and visit your loved one’s remains whenever you would like. Additionally, a cremation niche will offer you and your family the chance to create a permanent memorial for your loved one. These are all reasons for your family to consider utilizing a cremation niche for your loved one’s remains.

Where can you find cremation niches?cemeteries South San Francisco, CA

If your family is interested in securing a cremation niche for your loved one’s remains, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one. Although many cemeteries didn’t offer cremation niches as recently as a decade ago, most of them have now come around to providing them for families. You should be able to locate a cemetery with cremation niches by Googling something like “cremation niches near me.” This should show you which cemeteries can accommodate you when you’re looking for a cremation niche for your loved one’s remains.

How much do cremation niches cost?

While most cemeteries have at least some cremation niches available today, they aren’t all going to charge you the same prices for the right to use one. Because of this, you’re going to want to shop around for a cremation niche that will fit into your family’s budget. You should be able to find out what cremation niches will cost through different cemeteries by visiting their websites and/or by contacting them directly by phone or email.

Does the idea of using a cremation niche for your loved one’s cremated remain interest you and your family? If it does, you should look for a South San Francisco, CA memorial park cemetery that can provide one for you. Our cemetery has cremation niches that you can utilize. Give us a call to find out more about them.

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