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cemeteries in San Mateo, CA

What Are the Interment Services Offered at Cemeteries?

When you visit one of the best cemeteries in San Mateo, CA, they’re going to be able to extend a variety of interment services to you. Interment services used to refer exclusively to burial services. But these days, they can also refer to the services provided to families looking for the right things to do with their loved one’s cremated remains. Today, we’re going to touch on the most common interment services available at great cemeteries. Learn more about them below.


Traditional burials

The most often-used interment services are traditional burials. These are obviously burials that involve placing people’s bodies into the ground in a San Mateo, CA cemetery. Although the cremation rate in the U.S. has risen dramatically over the course of the last 20 years, there are still many families opting to bury their loved ones as opposed to cremating them. If your family is going to bury a loved one, this will typically be the first type of interment services that you’ll consider.


Entombments in indoor mausoleums

Did you know that your family doesn’t always have to bury a loved one in the ground to “bury” them? There are also above-ground burials that can take place, which are better known as entombments. One type of entombment will involve you “burying” a loved one in an indoor mausoleum. You’ll be able to visit your loved one’s final resting place by making your way inside this mausoleum when you would like to see it.


Entombments in outdoor garden mausoleums

While most entombments will take place in indoor mausoleums, it’s worth noting that there will also be an outdoor option available to your family if you would like. You can have your loved one’s body “buried” in an outdoor garden mausoleum. This kind of mausoleum will work the same way that an indoor one does. The only difference will be that you won’t have to head inside to visit your loved one’s final resting place. You’ll be able to get to it from the outside of a mausoleum.

cemeteries in San Mateo, CA

Inurnments in cremation niches

As we alluded to earlier, there is an increasing number of families who are choosing to store their loved one’s cremated remains in cemeteries these days. If your family has an interest in doing this, you will want to look into the inurnments available at some cemeteries. These services will enable you to have a loved one’s remains put into a cremation niche that can be located indoors or outdoors. Just like with an entombment, you’ll be able to visit the niche where your loved one’s remains are stored whenever you would like.


No matter which interment services you need, you should look for a San Mateo, CA memorial park cemetery that can provide them to you. Our cemetery is always here to help those families interested in exploring their options. Call us now to discover more about the interment services we can extend to you so that you and your family are able to make the best choice when picking out the right option.

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