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cemeteries in San Francisco, CA

Where to Walk While You’re Visiting Cemeteries

When you visit one of the cemeteries in San Francisco, CA, you might be concerned about where you should (and shouldn’t!) walk. It’s only natural for you to feel this way since the last thing you want to do is disrespect anyone who is buried in a cemetery. To make yourself feel slightly more comfortable, you should learn more about where you should walk when you’re inside a cemetery. It’ll help keep you on the right path, both figuratively and literally, during your next trip to a cemetery. Discover where you should walk while you’re visiting cemeteries below.



There will usually be at least a few roads that will wind through the average San Francisco, CA memorial park cemetery. Generally speaking, you should try to use these roads when walking through a cemetery, especially if you’re going to be walking a far distance. You won’t run the risk of inadvertently walking on top of anyone’s gravesite when you stick to the roads that are situated in cemeteries. If you would rather be safe than sorry, walking along the side of roads in cemeteries will be the way to go.



Most cemeteries will have some walkways scattered throughout them. These walkways will often be designed to make it possible for people to get to certain areas within a cemetery without having to cut across rows of headstones. You should look for the walkways that are closest to a loved one’s burial plot and use them to get around. They’ll be a little safer than roads since you won’t need to be concerned about any cars driving down them.


Between rows of headstones

Once you make it to the general vicinity of a loved one’s burial plot, you’re going to need to step off the road or walkway that’s closest to it. You should then look for the row of headstones that contains your loved one’s marker and walk in between that row and the row that sits underneath it. There should be a pretty clear walking path down the middle of these two rows that will enable you to get to a loved one’s burial plot with ease without accidentally stepping on anyone’s gravesite.

cemeteries in San Francisco, CA

Open patches of grass

There are some cemeteries that will have very large open patches of grass in them. This is usually where a cemetery is going to expand in the years to come. If it’ll make it easier for you to get to wherever it is you’re going in a cemetery, you might want to cut across one of these open patches of grass, as long as you know for a fact that there aren’t any burial plots situated in it. It’ll help you soak in the sights and sounds of a cemetery as you make your way to a loved one’s burial plot.


We make it as easy as possible for people to get around when they’re visiting our San Francisco, CA cemetery. Come and see this for yourself by taking a trip down to our cemetery. Contact us if you would like to take advantage of any of the burial services we can provide.

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