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Why Burial Vaults Are Used in Cemeteries

For a long time, cemeteries in San Francisco, CA and other parts of the country would allow families to simply bury their loved one’s caskets on their grounds. But these days, many cemeteries have started to request that families please bury their loved one’s caskets inside burial vaults. Burial vaults are containers that are designed to hold caskets once they’re in the ground. Are you wondering why it’s become necessary to use burial vaults when burying loved ones? Find out below.

To provide protection for a casket

Most caskets are built to be very durable. But it isn’t all that uncommon for them to begin to break down once they’ve been in the ground for a few years. A burial vault will prevent this from happening. Burial vaults will stop everything from moisture to pests from working their way into caskets. It’ll ensure that caskets are able to stay intact for many years to come. You’ll sleep better at night knowing your loved one’s casket is inside of a burial vault in a San Francisco, CA memorial park cemetery.

To stop soil from causing a casket to collapse

If a loved one’s casket is going to be in the ground anyway, you might wonder why it’s important to try to keep it intact. Well, as it turns out, if your loved one’s casket begins to fall apart, more than just the casket itself is going to be impacted. It might lead to the soil that sits on top of it to cause the casket to collapse. This can weaken all the soil that is on top of a casket and potentially even make the ground unsteady.

To prevent sinkholes from forming in cemeteries

In a worst-case scenario, the soil that sits on top of a person’s casket is going to do more than just crush a casket and cause it to collapse. It’s also going to result in a sinkhole forming in the middle of a cemetery. This can make a cemetery unsafe, and it can put a cemetery in a position where it’ll have to close off a portion of its ground to make repairs. All of this can be avoided by simply utilizing a burial vault from the start.

cemeteries in San Francisco, CA

To allow people to rest in peace

After you bury a loved one, the last thing you want to have to do is worry about digging their casket back up and burying it again. But you might find yourself dealing with this exact situation if a sinkhole ever forms on top of your loved one’s burial plot. You will have no choice but to work with a cemetery to have your loved one buried for a second time. You’ll be able to steer clear of this situation by burying your loved one’s casket in a burial vault from the beginning.

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