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Why Cemeteries Have Started to Offer Cremation Services

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For a long time, most of the cemeteries in San Bruno, CA only catered to those families who wanted to bury their loved ones. They didn’t really concern themselves with helping families who wanted to cremate their loved ones. But more and more cemeteries have started to offer cremation niches to families who are looking for places to put their loved one’s cremated remains. Find out why so many cemeteries have started to do this by checking out some of the reasons below.

Cremation is more popular than ever before.

As recently as just 25 years ago, there weren’t many families choosing cremations for their loved ones. But over the last two decades, the cremation rate has risen all across the country. At this point, more than 50 percent of people are being cremated as opposed to buried. And there are some experts who believe that this number could climb to as high as 70 percent within the next 20 years. It’s one of the main reasons why so many San Bruno, CA memorial park cemeteries have started to offer cremation services to families.

Many families like the idea of storing loved one’s remains in cremation niches.

Just because a family chooses to cremate a loved one versus burying them doesn’t mean they need to invest in a cremation niche for their loved one’s remains. They’re welcome to take the remains home with them, scatter them, etc. But many families have come to appreciate the safety and security that cremation niches can provide for cremated remains. They’re starting to touch base with cemeteries about cremation niches for this reason, so cemeteries have been forced to accommodate them by offering cremation niches.

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Some religions specifically ask families to store loved one’s remains in cremation niches.

For many years, most of the major religions throughout the world didn’t allow people to choose cremation. But in recent years, many of these religions have done 180s and now permit people to pick cremation as their desired option. Some of these religions do have certain stipulations in place, though. They’ll request that families place their loved one’s remains into cremation niches at the conclusion of their cremation services. Cemeteries have started to help these families out by providing them with the cremation niches that they need to stay in accordance with their religious beliefs.

Cemeteries can’t afford not to get in on the cremation craze.

At the end of the day, the simple fact is that many cemeteries can’t afford not to offer cremation services. They would be shooting themselves in the foot and hurting their bottom line in a big way by not helping families by providing them with cremation niches. It’s the most obvious reason why so many cemeteries have decided to lend a hand to families who need to get access to cremation niches.

Are you looking for a San Bruno, CA cemetery that can help you store a loved one’s cremated remains? Our cemetery would be happy to provide you with assistance. Contact us now to hear more about how we can help families who would like to invest in cremation niches.

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